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Introducing the NET-BOX | A New Kind of Gigabit Services Test Set

Автор: VeEX Inc. Длительность: 00:00:48
VeEX Introduces Quality of Experience (QoE) Assurance Test Set for Emerging Gigabit Internet Services

As business and residential internet access services approach and surpass the 1 Gbps barrier, costly challenges may arise for Service Providers, due to the potential discrepancies between measurable Quality of Services (QoS) and customers’ perceived QoE, based on informal tests performed with limiting hardware and software. With advertisements promising multi-Gig services, DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi 6, Fiber/PON, and 5G speeds, consumers want to verify if their premium broadband services are being delivered as promised. Unfortunately, PCs and laptops stop short of 1 Gbps and are not at all applicable beyond 1 Gig.  VeEX’s NET-BOX test platform offers field technicians a low cost, high performance solution to reliably perform such proof of performance speed tests at the customers’ premises, without limitations.

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