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EZ Remote is a free cloud service, provided by VeEX Inc., that allows users of our test set to connect to and operate remote instruments, over a secured connection, using a standard web browser. It is used for collaboration, training, coaching, support, troubleshooting, etc. For example, experts can help new technicians in the field.
* No need to expose equipment to public static IP addresses (security risk).
* Uses local IP addresses (DHCP or static) and can traverse subnets and firewalls.
* Can connect to test set withing the building, across town, at a customer site, point of presence (PoP), co-location, or anywhere across the globe.
* Operate the instrument the same way, same GUI, as local users.
* Help, assist, support, collaborate, mentor, or train technicians on the field.
* Download test results, PDF reports, screenshots, etc.
* Ready to go! No software or app to install, just use a regular Web Browser on PC, Mac, smartphone or Tablet.
* No registration required. No personal or business information collected.

For more details: https://download.veexinc.com/WX150/Technical-Notes/8072/VeEX_EZ-Remote_Guide_D08-00-039_D00.pdf

Sharing login credentials used to be a bit cumbersome, due to long and complex session IDs, passwords and links. That has been solved by the introduction of QR Code links. VeEX customers can use their iOS (or Android) smart phones or tablets to scan the EZ Remote QRs and automatically launch the Email or Text application, with all the basic information pre-loaded in the message. It is that EZ (easy)!

Users can edit the message, to include any relevant information about the test scenario, before sending it. The recipient just needs to click on the secure link to gain remote access to the test set and start collaborating with the local users.

0:00 How to Initiate an EZ Remote Session from the Test Set
0:56 Launching iOS QR Code Scanner from Control Center
1:05 Sending Login Link Via Email (demo)
1:30 Sending Login Link Via SMS/TEXT or iMessage
2:07 How to Connect to the Test Set Remotely, using the Link

1. This procedure recommends the use of Apple's iOS QR Scanner feature in the Control Center. Although the main Camera app should also work, at the moment (iOS 15.3) Apple® keeps on changing its behavior. For that reason, we recommend the dedicated QR Scanner.
2. iOS QR Code Scanner may need to be added to your Control Center screen. On your iOS device, go to Settings - Control Center - More Controls and add Code Scanner.
3. Although this quick guide focuses on iOS, a similar process should also work for QR Scanners in Android devices, although their behaviors may vary from vendor to vendor.
4. If the browser you are using doesn't populate the serial number automatically, you can copy it from the URL in the address bar and paste it in the S/N field.
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