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Since 2018, when VeEX introduced the first portable test set for 400G, we have continued to evolve with technologies, networks and customers, to offer the best 400G test solutions tailored to customers' actual needs and requirements. The all-inclusive hardware in the RXT-6402 has allowed us to maintain our leadership position in the 400G market.

With its independent dual-ports, the RXT-6402 is capable to generate and measure Ethernet traffic up to 800 Gbit/s (2x400GE and 8x100GE), for testing 800GE switches, muxponders, etc. While its four independent test applications allow testing multiple combinations of interfaces, which come handy while performing bi-directional testing of AOC/DAC, fanout, breakout cables, as well as wrap-around test for switches (e.g., 400GE + 4x100GE)

As of 2023, VeEX’s RXT-6402 2x400G multi-service portable test set is the industry’s most deployed 400G field test solution for hyper-scale data centers, tier-1 operators and NEMs.

Applications include:
* Transceiver and muxponder testing
* Active cables, fanout/breakout testing
* Link and network testing at layers 2, 3, 4 and beyond (including QoS and QoE).
* Cross-connect, data center interconnect (DCI)
* Access, Metro, Core, Transport and long-haul testing, including coherent transceivers (ZR, ZR+,,...)
* Legacy transport testing (OTN, EoOTN, SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn, CPRI, eCPRI, Fibre Channel, and more)
* And much more...

With the nascent coherent 100ZR QSFP28s promising to revolutionize access, edge and aggregation optical distribution networks (ODN), field testing of mission-critical 100GE and 400GE are poised to grow. The RXT-6402 will be ready for those new challenges!

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